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Each generation looks at the world as it exists in order to forge a brighter path for the benefit of future generations.  In our past, Miami's growth had been unreasoned.  For the first time ever, Miami has a proposed plan in Miami 21.

Miami 21 is more than a way to manage and guide growth; it is an expression of our shared values and aspirations - our desire for safe, livable spaces for human interaction, our desire for growth that nurtures our native environment, and our desire to create a climate of economic inclusion where all have access to the promise of prosperity and opportunity.  It is where we lay the foundation for our city's future.

What you see here is the product of a dialogue that includes the preeminent professional minds in the field of urban planning and of citizens that have added their voices through countless public hearings. 

This plan is the result of big dreams, of high aim in work and hope.  It is also a plan whose process is still ongoing.  Only through continued public input can we arrive at a plan that will satisfy not only all of us today, but those who will look back in judgment at our actions, having to live with decisions we are now making.

I invite you once again to share your opinions and to join us in this great mission that will define the city we love.  

Former Mayor Manny Diaz   


Statement related to the City Commission's 4-1 vote approving Miami 21(first reading) Sept. 4, 2009

Statement related to the City Commission's 2-2 vote on Miami 21 (first reading) August 6, 2009. 


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