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 Final Code - May 2010
The documents below are presented as adopted and amended by the City Commission through May 13, 2010.


Summary of Amendments

Full Document

Final Code (large file - 36 MB)

Final Zoning Atlas




Documents broken down per article

TOC and Preamble

Article 1. Definitions

Article 2. General Provisions

Article 3. General To Zones

Article 4. Standards and Tables

Article 5. Specific To Zones

Article 6. Supplemental Regulation

Article 7. Procedures and Nonconformities

Article 8. Thoroughfares

Article 9.  Landscape

Appendix A - Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCDs)

Appendix B - Waterfront Design Guidelines

Appendix C- Midtown Overlay District

Appendix D - Miami World Center  (large file - 7 MB)




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