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 Types of T4 Zones


Regulating use is an important component of any zoning code. Miami 21 Zoning Code prioritizes building form (shape and bulk) over the regulation of use to allow for mixed-use development.


The T4 zone is a new zoning category for Miami that allows for a transition of building massing (size and bulk) between single family and multi-family housing. Additionally, the option of adding some small neighborhood businesses and offices allows for the traditional mom and pop corner store and for small business owners to live near their establishments.


Restricted (R) single family, ancillary units, two family, & multifamily residences
Limited (L)
same as above, with limited commercial, office, lodging, & community
Open (O)
same as above, more lodging and entertainment establishments



Single Family Residence R R R
Community Residence R R R
Ancillary Unit R R R
Two Family Residence R R R
Multi Family Housing R R R
Dormitory   E E
Home Office R R R
Live - Work   R R
Work - Live      
Bed & Breakfast W R R
Inn     R
Office   R R
Entertainment Establishment     R
Food Service Establishment   R R
Alcohol Service Establishment   E E
General Commercial   R R
Community Facility   W W
Recreational Facility E R R
Religious Facility E R R
Civil Support      
Community Support Facility   W W
Infrastructure & Utilities W W W
Major Facility      
Marina E W W
Public Parking   W W
Transit Facilities   W W
Childcare E W W
College / University      
Elementary School E E E
Learning Center   E E
Middle / High School E E E
Pre-School E E E
Research Facility   R R
Special Training / Vocational     E





A complete version of this diagram (for all transect zones) is found in Article 4, Table 3 of the Miami 21 Zoning Code.


      R = the use is permitted by Right
     W = the use is permitted by Warrant
      E = the use is permitted by Exception

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